About Us

oriental sky aviation service company


Oriental Sky Aviation is amongst the most well-established and known Aviation Services providers within the industry. We have built our reputation by consistently delivering effective and flexible solutions which enable our clients to reduce costs and increase revenue. Our service spectrum ranges across passenger & cargo service as well as providing charter solutions. The journey so far has been both exciting and challenging but it was our grit and courage that has enabled our success.

We knew We Grew, and We Nailed it!


To provide innovative, customizable, and value-added solutions to our clients and to be seen as one of the best in the industry.


aviation service providers with integrity in our dealings


We lay great emphasis on growth with integrity in both our internal and external dealings. Trust has helped us build good relationships with our client’s and employees.

Investing in technology and practicing sustainability


We are constantly investing in technology to reduce our environmental environment and bring about a positive change to the community we serve.

striving to achieve excellence in aircraft charter services


We are constantly striving to achieve excellence in all our endeavors. This has helped us to challenge our limits and achieve new feats.

Our Team

Oriental Sky Aviation has a team of highly motivated individuals who are experts in their areas. We understand that our people, and systems, must be constantly tuned to the client’s needs and management’s constantly evolving concept of service excellence. Our business is international; we bring the talents of experienced industry professionals, of many cultures, together to deliver first-class cargo solutions to our clients.

Rush Wang


28 years experience with Northwest Airlines Cargo as GM, Northern China

Hitesh Verma

(Commercial Director)

25 years experience in airline industry (BA,EY, G9)

Bin Zhang


10 Years overseas experience in Middle East and Africa

Ali Tunde

(Manager, Aviation Support)

15 years experience with Hadid

Leo Li

(GM China )

20 Years experience in airport, sea-port, airline operations

Brian Yusuf

(Regional Manager, CIS)

20 years experience with Qatar Airways

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